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Apostille Service

Documents to be Apostilled

Documents accepted for apostille service are broadly classified into the following two categories -

A. Public documents bearing the true signature of an official party such as a Hong Kong SAR Government recognized officer. For example,

- Marriage Certificate, i.e. certificates signed by Deputy Registrar of Marriage

(For certificates signed by civil celebrants or issued by the church/temple, please obtain a certified true copy from the Record Office of the Marriage Registry)

- Certificate of Absence of Marriage Record

- Birth and Death Certificate

- Certificate of Registered Particulars

- Business Registration Certificate

- Certificate of Incorporation

You shall attach a print-out of the relevant company search made within 3 working days to each of the original copy of the ‘Certificate of Incorporation', 'Certificate of Change of Company Name', 'Certificate of Continuing Registration', or 'Certificate issued under section 305(1) of the Companies Ordinance', etc. issued by the Registrar of Companies to be apostilled. Photocopy of the print-out is acceptable.

B. Documents signed by a notary public or a Commissioner for Oaths in Hong Kong. For example,

(a) Notary Public

- Power of Attorney - Certified true copy

(b) Commissioner for Oaths

- Declaration


High Court Registry Apostille service is provided at a fee of HK$125 per apostille.

Our processing fee is $100 per apostille (in Hong Kong currency).

You should bear any additional bank charges for the transaction.

Processing Time

Normally only two working days (excluding Saturdays) are required by High Court Registry to process the applications.

Application Procedures

(1) To submit the application, you could mail the document requested for apostille service to Bestar.

(2) If the document is accepted for apostille service, the document will be apostilled and sent to you normally by ordinary air-mail. In a more secure way, you may request to have the document sent by registered air-mail at your own expense.

To authorize Bestar to handle the apostilization of document on behalf, please contact us.

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