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Cleansing Service Licence

Cleansing Service Licence

In Hong Kong, a specific license is not required to operate a general cleaning service business. However, there are some regulations that cleaning service businesses should be aware of. These are outlined by the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) [FEHD, Hong Kong].

Here's a summary of the requirements:

  • Registration: Businesses are required to register their business with the Inland Revenue Department (IRD).

  • Business Name: The business name must be registered with the Business Registration Office.

  • Taxation: Depending on the business structure and income level, businesses may be required to pay taxes.

  • Employee Regulations: Businesses must comply with all labor laws and regulations, including minimum wage, working hours, and employee benefits.

  • Waste Disposal: Businesses must dispose of waste properly according to FEHD guidelines.

If your cleaning service involves any of the following activities, you may need to obtain a separate license:

  • Food waste collection

  • Disposal of hazardous waste

  • Fumigation service

  • Pest control service

  • Disinfestation service

You can find more information on the FEHD website or by contacting their department directly.

Cleansing Service Licence

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