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Company Incorporation

Company Incorporation | Bestar
Company Incorporation | Bestar

Company Incorporation

Hong Kong is a popular choice for company incorporation due to its business-friendly environment and straightforward process. Here's a quick rundown of what you need to know:


  • Company Structure:  In most cases, a private limited company is the preferred structure.

  • Shareholders & Directors: At least one shareholder and director over 18 years old are required. These can be local or foreign individuals. One person can fulfill both roles.

  • Registered Address: You'll need a local Hong Kong address for your company.

  • Share Capital: While there's no minimum requirement, it's common to have around HK$10,000.

  • Company Name: Choose a unique name that complies with regulations.


  1. Reserve your company name.

  2. Prepare incorporation documents: This includes the Articles of Association and an incorporation form with details like company name, business activities, and shareholder/director information.

  3. Submit documents to the Companies Registry. You can do this electronically through their e-Services Portal.

  4. Obtain Certificates: Upon approval, you'll receive a Certificate of Incorporation and potentially a Business Registration Certificate.

Additional Considerations:

  • There are ongoing filing requirements for maintaining your company's good standing.

For more detailed information, refer to the official Hong Kong government resources ( and the Companies Registry (

How Bestar can Help

Here's how Bestar, a professional service firm, can help you with company incorporation in Hong Kong:

  • Streamline the Process:  The incorporation process can involve paperwork and regulations. Bestar can handle these complexities, saving you time and ensuring accuracy.

  • Compliance Expertise:  We can ensure your incorporation documents adhere to Hong Kong regulations, preventing delays or rejection.

  • Local Knowledge:  Bestar has experience navigating the specific requirements and procedures of Hong Kong company formation.

  • Registered Address:  We provide a local registered address for your company if you don't have one.

  • Ongoing Support:  They offer additional services beyond incorporation, such as accounting, taxation, or business advisory, which can be helpful for maintaining your company's good standing.

By using Bestar, you can benefit from our expertise and avoid potential pitfalls during the incorporation process.

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