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Company Secretarial Services

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Bestar offers market leading company secretarial services

Every Hong Kong company must appoint a qualified company secretary who resides in Hong Kong and is knowledgeable and experienced in the law. That's where Bestar can help.

In Hong Kong, we generally assist members and management of companies with the following matters:

- Statutory information filing

Ensure that companies submit statutory information accurately and in a timely manner.

- Compliance assistance

Remind clients of various statutory deadlines and assist them in complying with statutory requirements and maintaining statutory registers.

- Meeting support

Provide meeting notices to clients and directors.

- File annual return

Ensuring timely preparation and filing of annual returns with the Companies Registry on behalf of our clients.

- Legal assistance

Assist clients in understanding and complying with the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance.

- Corporate resolution assistance

Prepare and file necessary corporate resolutions where necessary.

- Storage and use of company seal

A company is no longer required to have a company seal, but if it does, our secretary can take care of it and use it.

Company Secretarial Services

Bestar is approved to act as Company Secretary in Hong Kong.

Our firm's secretarial staff can assist clients with:

- Assisting customers to understand and comply with local regulations

- Ensuring compliance with legal deadlines and procedures

- Maintaining Statutory Register

- Ensuring accurate and timely filings of statutory information by companies, including filing of special resolutions

- Keeping, updating and maintaining company registers, minutes books and other statutory records

- Provision of meeting notices to shareholders and directors

- Making sure those authorized to do so can inspect the company records

- Storage and use of company seal

- Maintaining Statutory Records

- Preparation and filing of annual returns

- Advising and implementing changes to corporate structures as required

- Company dissolution and winding up

Bestar's Complete Package

Bestar acts as Company Secretary for all of all companies that we incorporated in Hong Kong. Our annual company secretary engagement fee covers routine company secretarial services, including:

- Appointing Bestar as your company secretary

- Reminding you of various statutory compliance dates

- Keeping, updating and maintaining company registers, minutes books and other statutory records

- Free consultation on routine company secretarial affairs within the year

- Charging discounted fees for non-routine services.

Please note that non-routine service requests are charged per request

Talk to an expert

Our corporate secretarial staff are available to assist you in Hong Kong as well as where your business is located. Talk to our experts about your requirements.

It's easy to transfer your company's compliance business to us and join our extensive portfolio of satisfied clients.

To move to Bestar you just need to provide us with basic information and our professional team will take it from there. We will liaise with your current provider, prepare all necessary documentation and execute the handover seamlessly. Switching service is free and includes the following tasks:

- We will prepare service termination notices on your behalf

- We will prepare and submit all necessary documents to the relevant regulatory authorities to notify them of the change of service provider

- We will send a notification to your existing service provider and arrange for the collection of your company's statutory documents

Bestar has offices all over Asia

In addition to Hong Kong, Bestar has wider operating capabilities in Singapore and Malaysia. We believe that being able to offer our clients multi-jurisdictional expertise and experience adds value to our relationship with them. We have a network of partners in many locations.

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