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Due Diligence

We offer a complete range of due diligence services for corporate clients and private equity investors, designed to support you throughout the M&A process.

We conduct financial, tax, HR and IT due diligence to help you identify transaction value drivers and improve M&A transaction structuring.

We also help challenge assumptions about future performance so you can choose the right valuation.

Whether you are making acquisitions or strategic alliances, we share the same goal - making sure you get the most out of your deal.

We match our due diligence procedures to your specific needs. First, we will understand your investment, your goals and your needs. We will then help you through the process and design due diligence procedures to achieve this goal. We routinely conduct extensive due diligence activities to provide our clients with integrated services.

Financial Due Diligence

We assist clients in dealing with various accounting issues effectively with the aim of minimizing the risks and rewards of possible transactions. Our services include evaluating proposed investment structures, evaluating asset quality and returns, identifying and measuring commitments, contingencies, risks and opportunities, internal control structures and risk management procedures, and rationalizing the purchase price.

Any organization considering a transaction should examine all the assumptions it makes about the transaction. Financial due diligence provides corporate clients and private equity investors with peace of mind while analyzing and validating all financial, operational and strategic assumptions. It also uses past trading experience to shape future views and ensure there are no “black holes”.

Financial due diligence provides an opportunity for the buyer to confirm key transaction assumptions/hypothesis. Ultimately, it allows potential investors to make informed decisions.

We analyze and evaluate the current profit, financial status and cash flow status of the target business, and conduct a reasonable analysis of profit forecasts during the transaction process. We also review and analyze the holding structure of the target company or its parent company.

Tax Due Diligence

Bestar professionals provide a variety of tax advisory services.

We assist with tax planning early in the transaction process, advise on tax-exempt and taxable acquisition strategies, assess post-transaction tax implications and advise on post-acquisition tax restructuring.

We analyze and evaluate the current corporate tax situation of the target company and its potential tax risks and opportunities, asset quality, contingencies and commitments.

We explain the tax system for the target company, review the target company’s tax returns and other tax matters, submit proposals to reduce the target company’s tax risk, identify, seize and improve its tax management efficiency as much as possible, and optimize the transaction tax structure.

HR Due Diligence

We review HR related issues of the target company to identify key risk issues, including employee compensation liabilities, pension plans, compliance with employee and labor regulations, and implement human resource retention and personnel plans. We evaluate compensation benefits, employee incentives and equity issues.

We help identify and evaluate synergies, as well as potential organizations and human resources risks and impacts, and prepare for post -agreement integration.

IT Due Diligence

We identify potential merger issues in IT operations and technology at the inception of the transaction, assess legacy IT systems and potential impact on business operations, plan the transition and project management, review IT organization and staffing, and plan for IT systems post-deal integration.

What Bestar due diligence can do for you

We conduct due diligence to help you answer your questions about transaction value drivers. Our clients include mid-market organizations and private equity funds.

How can we help? Contact us.

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