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FAQ - Limited Companies - Incorporation

FAQ - Limited Companies - Incorporation

Questions about incorporating a limited company in Hong Kong. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to get you started:


  • What are the requirements for incorporating a limited company in Hong Kong?

  • You need at least one shareholder and director, who can be individuals of any nationality and at least 18 years old.

  • There is no requirement for the director or shareholder to be a Hong Kong resident.

  • You will need to choose a unique company name, register a business address, and prepare articles of association.

  • What are the different types of limited companies in Hong Kong?

  • The most common type is a private limited company, which can have a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 50 shareholders.

  • There are also public limited companies, which require at least 2 directors and can offer shares to the public.

  • You can also form a company limited by guarantee, which does not have share capital but has members who guarantee to contribute a certain amount in case of winding up.

  • How much does it cost to incorporate a limited company in Hong Kong?

  • The government registration fee is HK$1,545 for a company with share capital.

  • You will also need to pay professional fees to a lawyer or other service provider to help you with the process.

  • How long does it take to incorporate a limited company in Hong Kong?

  • The process can usually be completed in around 5-7 working days, provided all the required documents are submitted correctly.


Company Name

  • Can I reserve a company name?

  • Yes, you can reserve a company name for 60 days for a fee.

  • Will my company name be protected as a trademark?

  • No, you need to register your trademark separately.

  • You can find more information on company names here.

Directors and Shareholders

  • Do I need a local director?

  • No, but the company secretary must be a Hong Kong resident if they are a natural person.

  • Can I be both a shareholder and a director?

  • Yes.

  • You can find more information on directors and shareholders here.

Incorporation Process

  • Can I incorporate a company online?

  • Yes, you can submit your application electronically.

  • What documents do I need to submit?

  • You will need to submit various documents, including the incorporation form, articles of association, and proof of identity for directors and shareholders.

  • You can find more information on the incorporation process here.

Additional Resources:

How Bestar Can Help

FAQ - Limited Companies - Incorporation

General information on how Bestar can assist you with incorporating a limited company in Hong Kong, based on the common FAQs:


  • Expertise and Guidance: Bestar professionals can guide you through the entire incorporation process, ensuring you meet all legal requirements and choose the right type of company for your needs.

  • Streamlined Process: We can handle all the paperwork and filings with the Companies Registry, saving you time and effort.

  • Compliance: We can advise on ongoing compliance requirements, such as annual returns and audits.


  • Company Name: Bestar can help you check name availability, reserve your chosen name, and advise on trademark registration.

  • Directors and Shareholders: We can assist with drafting resolutions, share certificates, and other documents related to directors and shareholders.

  • Incorporation Process: Bestar can handle the complete incorporation application, including preparing and submitting all necessary documents electronically.

Additional Services:

  • Registered Office Address: Bestar offers a registered office address service, which fulfills legal requirements and provides a professional business presence.

  • Accounting and Tax Services: After incorporation, Bestar can assist with ongoing accounting, bookkeeping, tax filing, and other financial management needs.

Benefits of Using Bestar:

  • Peace of mind: Knowing experienced professionals are handling the incorporation process ensures it is done correctly and efficiently.

  • Time savings: You can focus on other aspects of your business while Bestar handles the legwork.

  • Compliance assurance: We can help you stay compliant with all legal and regulatory requirements.

  • Local expertise: Bestar's knowledge of Hong Kong regulations and business practices can be invaluable.

Contact Bestar directly to discuss your specific needs and inquire about our fees and service packages. We provide personalized advice and clarify how we can assist you with incorporating your limited company in Hong Kong.

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