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Fresh Provision Shop Licence

Fresh Provision Shop Licence

A Fresh Provision Shop Licence is required in Hong Kong for any business that sells fresh, chilled or frozen beef, mutton, pork, reptiles (including live reptiles), fish (including live fish) or poultry (including live poultry). This does not include restaurants, factory canteens, market stalls, or hawkers.


The Fresh Provision Shop Licence is issued to ensure that the premises maintain good hygiene standards and that the food sold is wholesome.

Application Procedure

The Hong Kong Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) provides a detailed guide titled "A GUIDE TO APPLICATION FOR FRESH PROVISION SHOP LICENCE" which outlines the application procedure. Here's a breakdown of the key steps:

Required Documents:

  • Standard application form (FEHB 94): This form can be downloaded from the FEHD website or obtained from any Licensing Office or District Environmental Hygiene Office.

  • Declaration on premises in compliance with Government lease conditions (FEHB 192): This form also downloadable from the FEHD website or obtained from the aforementioned offices.

  • Proposed layout plan of the premises (3 copies): This plan should be drawn to scale and use metric units. It should depict the layout of your shop including the location of equipment and work areas.

Submission Process:

  • Submit the completed application form (FEHB 94), declaration form (FEHB 192), and three copies of the layout plan to the Assistant Secretary (Other Licences) of the Licensing Office concerned. You can download the application forms from the website of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD).

  • Refer to Appendix I of the guide for a list of Licensing Offices based on your district [A Guide to Application for Fresh Provision Shop Licence, FEHD].

Additional Information:

  • The application should clearly specify:

  • The type of licence applied for (Fresh Provision Shop Licence)

  • The specific type(s) of meat you intend to sell (e.g., beef, pork, poultry)

  • The full address of the premises, including details to avoid postal misdelivery (street name, building number, flat number, etc.)

  • Applicant information (name, address, phone number). If a corporation, include corporation details and contact information for the managing director and authorized person.

  • Type of heating equipment and fuel you plan to use.

Report of Compliance with Licensing Requirements and Issue of Licence

The process involves inspections by the FEHD to ensure your shop meets hygiene and safety standards before they issue the license.

Here's what typically happens after submitting your application:

  • Inspection: The FEHD will schedule an inspection of your premises to verify it complies with regulations regarding hygiene, food safety, and building safety. This may involve checking things like:

  • Sanitation facilities

  • Food storage areas

  • Waste disposal procedures

  • Ventilation

  • Fire safety measures

  • Report of Compliance: Following the inspection, the FEHD will determine if your shop meets all requirements. They may issue a "Report of Compliance" if everything is satisfactory.

  • Licence Issuance: Upon receiving the Report of Compliance, the FEHD will process your licence application and issue the Fresh Provision Shop Licence if everything is approved.

Here are some resources that might be helpful:

It's also advisable to contact your local FEHD Licensing Office directly. They can provide specific details and answer any questions you may have regarding the inspection process and timeline for receiving your licence.

Licence Fee

The licence fee is calculated according to the type of meat you will be selling. You can find more details on the fee in the Food Business Regulation or by calling the Licensing Offices.

Fee Structure:

The fee is determined by the type(s) of meat you will be selling, following a tiered structure:

Additional Information:

  • The guide mentioned a provisional licence option. The fee for a provisional licence is half of the full licence fee for the same category.

Alternative Resources:

  • The FEHD website offers some information on licence fees

For more information on applying for a Fresh Provision Shop Licence, you can visit the FEHD website or contact the Licensing Offices.

Further Resources:

How Bestar can Help

Bestar, while not directly involved in the application process, might be able to offer some indirect assistance with obtaining a Fresh Provision Shop Licence in Hong Kong. Here's how:

  • Understanding Licensing Requirements: Business registration and licensing regulations can be complex. Bestar might be able to review the requirements for Fresh Provision Shops and identify any potential licensing hurdles related to your business structure or operations.

  • Liaising with Government Departments: While we can't submit the application or handle inspections, Bestar might be able to help with communication with the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) regarding licensing fees, timelines, or required documentation.

  • Financial Requirements for Licencing: Some licensing applications might have financial requirements, such as proof of sufficient capital. Bestar's accounting expertise can help you prepare any necessary financial documents.

Here are some additional considerations:

  • Contact Bestar to inquire about the specific services we offer related to business licensing in Hong Kong.

  • The FEHD remains the primary point of contact for the Fresh Provision Shop Licence application process.

Overall, while Bestar HK might not be directly involved with the application itself, our understanding of business regulations and financial processes could be indirectly helpful during the licensing process.

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