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Guide on Free Economic and Trade Zones

Updated: Jun 14

Guide on Free Economic and Trade Zones | Bestar
Guide on Free Economic and Trade Zones | Bestar

Guide on Free Economic and Trade Zones

Hong Kong itself functions as a free trade zone, rather than having designated areas within its territory. This means the entire region benefits from policies that encourage trade and investment. Here's a breakdown of what this means for businesses:

  • Trade Benefits:

  • Duty-Free: There are no tariffs, quotas, or VAT/GST on imports and exports.

  • Simple Documentation: Streamlined customs procedures for fast movement of goods.

  • Free Port Status: Goods can be freely stored, handled, and re-exported.

  • Investment Advantages:

    • No Restrictions: No limitations on foreign ownership or investment.

    • Business-Friendly Environment: Simple company formation process and a strong legal system.

    • Open Economy: Hong Kong is a founding member of the WTO and has numerous Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) with major economies, providing wider market access.

Additionally, Hong Kong is pursuing membership in the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), which would further enhance its free trade status.

Hong Kong and the RCEP:

Current Status:

  • Hong Kong is not currently a member of the RCEP. However, they officially applied to join in 2* (insert year).

Potential Benefits of Joining:

  • Expanded Market Access:  RCEP membership would grant Hong Kong businesses preferential access to the vast markets of member countries, including economic giants like China, Japan, and South Korea. These are markets where Hong Kong currently lacks bilateral free trade agreements.

  • Streamlined Trade: Joining RCEP would allow Hong Kong to consolidate its existing web of bilateral Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) under a single framework, simplifying trade procedures.

  • Trading Hub: Hong Kong's unique position as a leading trade and logistics hub in the Asia-Pacific could be further strengthened. It could act as a gateway for goods flowing between mainland China and other RCEP economies.

  • Financial Services:  The agreement could enhance Hong Kong's position as a center for financial services by promoting cross-border trade in financial products.

Approval Process:

  • All existing RCEP members need to approve Hong Kong's application.

  • There have been some discussions regarding potential security concerns, but Hong Kong is actively working to address them and secure membership.

Looking Forward:

  • As of June 2024, experts believe there's a good chance Hong Kong's application will be approved in the near future, potentially within 2024.


Here are some resources for further exploration:

  • Hong Kong Makes Official Application to Join the RCEP: [Hong Kong joins RCEP ON Hong Kong Trade Development Council]

  • What are the benefits for Hong Kong business in joining RCEP trade area?: [Benefits of RCEP for Hong Kong businesses ON Pacific Basin Economic Council]

How Bestar can Help

Guide on Free Economic and Trade Zones

Here's how Bestar's accounting services can be valuable in Hong Kong:

  • Business Registration and Set-up:  For companies new to Hong Kong, Bestar can streamline the business registration process, ensuring compliance with all regulations for operating within the free trade zone.

  • Tax Optimization:  We can help businesses understand Hong Kong's tax benefits, such as the territorial taxation system and low corporate tax rate. We can also advise on strategies to take full advantage of these benefits within the free trade zone framework.

  • Transfer Pricing:  With a focus on international trade, transfer pricing between related entities becomes crucial. Bestar can advise on complying with Hong Kong's transfer pricing regulations to avoid any tax disputes.

  • Financial Reporting: We can ensure companies maintain accurate financial records that comply with Hong Kong's accounting standards, especially important for businesses operating within the free trade zone and potentially dealing with multiple currencies.

  • Compliance with Free Trade Agreements (FTAs): Although Hong Kong itself is a free zone, Bestar can help businesses leverage the existing FTAs Hong Kong has with other countries. This might involve ensuring products qualify for preferential treatment under specific FTAs.

By providing these accounting and financial expertise, Bestar can help businesses operating within Hong Kong's free trade zone environment thrive and maximize the benefits it offers.

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