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Hong Kong Work Visa

Hong Kong Work Visa | Bestar
Hong Kong Work Visa | Bestar

Hong Kong Work Visa

There are two main work visa options for foreigners in Hong Kong:

  • General Employment Policy (GEP): This is the most common type of work visa in Hong Kong. It is open to professionals with a university degree and relevant work experience. The GEP visa is valid for an initial period of 36 months and can be renewed.

  • Top Talent Pass Scheme (TTPS): This is a new scheme launched by the Hong Kong government in 2022 to attract high-caliber talent to the city. The TTPS visa is open to individuals with exceptional talent or expertise in their field. There is no requirement for a job offer under the TTPS, but applicants must meet a minimum salary threshold. The TTPS visa is valid for an initial period of two years and can be renewed.

In order to apply for a Hong Kong work visa, you will need to submit an application to the Hong Kong Immigration Department. The application process can be complex, so it is advisable to seek advice from a qualified immigration consultant.

Here are some of the general requirements for applying for a Hong Kong work visa:

  • You must have a valid passport.

  • You must have a confirmed job offer from a Hong Kong employer.

  • You must meet the education and experience requirements for the position.

  • You must be in good health and have no criminal record.

The processing time for a Hong Kong work visa application can vary, but it is typically around 8 weeks.

Here are some resources that you may find helpful:

How Bestar can Help

Bestar can be a valuable asset when navigating the process of obtaining a Hong Kong work visa. Here's how we can help:

Expertise and Guidance:

  • Understanding Visa Options:  We can assess your qualifications and recommend the most suitable work visa program (e.g., GEP, TTPS) based on your experience and job offer.

  • Application Process Navigation:  The application process can be complex and involve various forms and documentation.  Bestar can guide you through each step, ensuring all requirements are met and avoiding delays.

  • Document Preparation:  We can assist in gathering and preparing necessary documents like employment contracts, academic transcripts, and proof of funds.

  • Communication with Authorities:  We can handle communication with the Hong Kong Immigration Department on your behalf, ensuring clear and accurate representation of your case.

Increased Success Rates:

  • Meeting Eligibility Criteria:  Bestar can ensure you meet all the eligibility criteria for the chosen visa program, maximizing your application's chances of success.

  • Addressing Complexities:  We can handle any complexities that may arise during the application process, such as missing documents or unexpected inquiries from the Immigration Department.

  • Appeals Process:  In case of visa rejection, we can guide you through the appeals process and represent your case for reconsideration.

Peace of Mind and Efficiency:

  • Immigration Expertise:  Immigration laws can be intricate, and Bestar ensures you comply with all regulations, minimizing the risk of delays or denials.

  • Time-Saving:  We can handle the time-consuming aspects of the application, allowing you to focus on other important matters like job hunting or relocation preparations.

  • Stress Reduction:  The process can be stressful, and having Bestar on your side provides valuable guidance and support, reducing anxieties.

Overall, Bestar can significantly increase your chances of obtaining a Hong Kong work visa in a smooth and efficient manner.

Besides visa assistance, Bestar's services can be helpful in the Hong Kong work visa process in a couple of ways:

  • Company Registration and Business Setup: If you're moving to Hong Kong to work for your own company or are the sponsoring employer for someone else's visa, Bestar can assist with company registration and business setup in Hong Kong. This can streamline the process and ensure you meet all the legal requirements for sponsoring a work visa.

  • General Compliance and Business Support:  Bestar offers corporate secretarial services which can help ensure your company complies with Hong Kong regulations. Maintaining good company standing is important for sponsoring work visas.

Consult Bestar. We specialize in Hong Kong work visas. We can guide you through the application process, ensure all documentation is correct, and represent you if any issues arise. Bestar would handle the application process or immigration professional advice for the work visa.

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