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Incorporation of Company in Hong Kong

Dear Sir or Madam

Thank you for your inquiry.

Document List

1. Incorporation Form (Attached for your completion)

2. KYC Form (Attached for your completion)

3. HK PDPO Consent Form (ONE copy for each Director/Shareholder)

4. All shareholders’/ Directors’ HKID (for locals & P.R.) / Valid Passport Copy (for Foreigner) and Proof of Residential Address.

5. Authorization letter to appoint an authorized representative on behalf of the company to process the company incorporation. (if the shareholder is a corporate company)

6. Additional Business Profile / Business Registration Papers (if there is additional business declared in KYC Form)

*NOTE: ALL foreign passports and proof of residential address are to be notarized either by a Lawyer or Notary Public.

Time processing

4-7 working days, subject to CR

We look forward to your response to provide all the documents needed by us.

HK Company Incorporate Form 香港注册公司表格 V2 - client
Download DOCX • 41KB

HK PDPO Consent Form Eng & Chi V1 Oct 2021 (for client)
Download DOCX • 31KB

V2 KYC New Client HK - KYC Form (for client)
Download DOCX • 84KB

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