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Insurance Broker Licence in Hong Kong

Insurance Broker Licence in Hong Kong

To get an Insurance Broker Licence in Hong Kong, you'll need to follow the regulations set by the Insurance Authority (IA). Here's a summary of the process:

Licensing Body:

Requirements for a Licensed Insurance Broker Company

To be a Licensed Insurance Broker Company in Hong Kong, you'll need to meet several requirements set by the Insurance Authority (IA). Here's a breakdown of the key aspects:

Essential Requirements:

  • Responsible Officer:  Appoint a Responsible Officer who meets the IA's approval. This person will hold significant control and accountability within your company.

  • Client Account: Maintain a dedicated client account at a Hong Kong bank. This account will be used to manage client funds separately from your company's finances.

  • Financial Requirements:  Comply with the regulations set out in the Insurance (Financial and Other Requirements for Licensed Insurance Broker Companies) Rules. This includes having:

  • Minimum Paid-up Share Capital: At least HK$500,000 in paid-up share capital.

  • Minimum Net Assets: Maintain minimum net assets of no less than HK$500,000.

Additional Considerations:

  • Organizational Competence: The IA expects you to demonstrate organizational competence as outlined in their "Fit and Proper" Criteria Guideline. This involves having proper:

  • Corporate governance practices

  • Internal controls

  • Risk management strategies

Application Process:

  • There's no online application available for Broker Company Licences yet.

  • Contact the IA's Licensing Team ( to understand the application procedures.

  • You'll likely need to submit a completed Form A4 (Application for Insurance Broker Company Licence).


The IA will assess your application based on the "fit and proper" criteria. This includes factors like:

  • Academic qualifications

  • Professional qualifications

  • Work experience

  • Reputation

  • Character

  • Reliability

  • Integrity

  • Financial status

Additional Resources:

How Bestar can Help

Here's how Bestar can help you with acquiring an Insurance Broker Licence in Hong Kong:

  • Company Formation:  Since Bestar specializes in assisting foreign investors looking to establish businesses in Hong Kong, we can help you with the initial stages of forming your Insurance Broker Company. This could involve:

  • Registering your business with the Companies Registry.

  • Choosing the appropriate business structure.

  • Appointing a company secretary.

  • Fulfilling any legal requirements for establishing a brokerage.

  • Financial Compliance:  The Insurance Authority (IA) has financial requirements for Licensed Insurance Broker Companies. Bestar's accounting services can ensure your company meets these requirements, including:

  • Maintaining the minimum paid-up share capital of HK$500,000.

  • Having sufficient net assets of at least HK$500,000.

  • Establishing a dedicated client account to separate client funds.

  • Ongoing Support:  Once you're licensed, Bestar's accounting services can provide ongoing support for your business, such as:

  • Managing your company's finances.

  • Preparing and filing financial statements.

  • Complying with tax regulations.

Bestar can assist with the Insurance Broker Licence application process itself. The IA has specific requirements and may require you to demonstrate your knowledge of the insurance industry.

Contact Bestar to discuss your plans for forming an Insurance Broker Company. Inquire about our services related to company formation, financial compliance, and ongoing accounting support.

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