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Licences and Registration for Vehicle Repair Workshop

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Licences and Registration for Vehicle Repair Workshop

In Hong Kong, operating a vehicle repair workshop doesn't require a mandatory license. However, there are several registration schemes and environmental regulations that you need to comply with to operate legally.

Voluntary Registration Scheme for Vehicle Maintenance Workshops (VRSVMW)

The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) administers a voluntary registration scheme for vehicle repair workshops. While not mandatory, registering your workshop offers several benefits such as:

  • Demonstrating your commitment to providing quality service

  • Gaining access to training and support programs offered by the EMSD

  • Appealing to a wider customer base as many car owners prefer to use registered workshops

To register, your workshop needs to meet the requirements outlined in the Practice Guidelines for Vehicle Maintenance Workshops, which covers aspects like technical competency, environmental protection, safety, staff training, customer service, and proper documentation.

Here's a summary of the key requirements for VRSVMW registration:

  • Employ registered vehicle mechanics

  • Have a designated working bay with a fixed cover that meets the size requirements (minimum 20 sqm for light vehicles/private cars)

  • Implement a proper complaint handling mechanism

  • Abide by the VRSVMW's decisions

Environmental Protection Requirements

Vehicle repair workshops also need to comply with various environmental regulations set by the Environmental Protection Department (EPD). These regulations aim to ensure the safe storage and disposal of hazardous materials typically used in workshops.

Key environmental requirements include:

  • Proper storage of dangerous goods like petrol, diesel, turpentine, and kerosene (requires approval from the Fire Services Department if exceeding exempted volumes)

  • Registration as a "Chemical Waste Producer" with the EPD if your workshop generates chemical waste (e.g., used oil, brake fluid)

  • Following the EPD's guidelines for handling and disposing of chemical waste

For more information on the VRSVMW registration process and the EPD's environmental regulations, you can refer to the following resources from the Hong Kong government websites:

Environmental Protection Requirements

While there's no mandatory licensing for vehicle repair workshops in Hong Kong, there are environmental regulations set by the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) that you must follow. These regulations focus on the safe storage and disposal of hazardous materials commonly used in workshops.

Here's a breakdown of the key environmental requirements for vehicle repair workshops in Hong Kong:

Storage of Dangerous Goods:

  • Fire Services Department Approval: You'll need approval from the Fire Services Department (FSD) if you plan to store specific dangerous goods like petrol, diesel, turpentine, or kerosene in quantities exceeding the exempted volumes.

Chemical Waste Producer Registration:

  • EPD Registration:  If your workshop generates chemical waste like used oil or brake fluid, you'll need to register as a "Chemical Waste Producer" with the EPD.

Chemical Waste Handling and Disposal:

  • EPD Guidelines: You must adhere to the EPD's guidelines for handling and disposing of chemical waste.  These guidelines outline proper procedures for storage, collection, and transport of hazardous materials to ensure environmental protection.

For further details and the latest regulations, you can refer to the official websites of the relevant Hong Kong government departments:

The EPD website should provide comprehensive information on:

  • Acceptable storage methods for different hazardous materials.

  • Procedures for waste collection by licensed contractors.

  • Specific regulations related to paint spraying facilities, car washing areas, and other workshop activities that might generate pollutants.

Legislative Requirements for Siting of Vehicle Repair Workshops

In Hong Kong, there are no specific legislative requirements  solely focused on the siting of vehicle repair workshops.

However, the operation of these workshops needs to comply with various regulations enforced by different government departments, which indirectly impact where a workshop can be located. Here's a breakdown of these regulations:

  • Buildings Ordinance (Cap. 123) & Fire Services Department (FSD): This ordinance and the FSD regulations dictate building safety standards like fire prevention measures, ventilation systems, and emergency exits. These might influence the suitability of a particular location for a workshop.

  • Dangerous Goods Ordinance (Cap. 295) & FSD:  This ordinance regulates the storage of dangerous goods like fuel and lubricants. The FSD enforces regulations on the type and quantity of hazardous materials allowed at a specific location, potentially impacting workshop siting.

  • Air Pollution Control Ordinance (Cap. 311), Water Pollution Control Ordinance (Cap. 358), Noise Control Ordinance (Cap. 400) & Environmental Protection Department (EPD):  These ordinances and the EPD regulations set limits on air and noise pollution generated by workshops.  The proximity of residential areas, schools, and hospitals might influence approval based on noise and emission levels.

  • Waste Disposal Ordinance (Cap. 354) & EPD: This ordinance and the EPD regulations govern the proper handling and disposal of hazardous waste generated by workshops.  The availability of waste disposal facilities in the area could be a factor in workshop siting approval.


While there's no single siting regulation, it's crucial to consider these interconnected regulations before finalizing a location for your vehicle repair workshop. Here's what you can


  • Consult a professional:  An architect, engineer, or consultant familiar with these regulations can advise on the suitability of a potential workshop location.

  • Contact relevant government departments: Reach out to the FSD and EPD for specific guidance regarding your chosen location and intended workshop activities.

  • Review EPD's "Green Garage" resources: The EPD website offers valuable information on environmental regulations for workshops, including potential siting considerations.

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