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Neat Business Account and Visa Corporate Card

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Get a modern business account with instant corporate cards, currency wallets, automated accounting and awesome benefits


Receive payments in HKD, USD, EUR and GBP


Send payments to local and international payees. Competitive fees to 35 countries


Seamlessly exchange funds at mid market rate

Corporate Card

Our Visa Corporate Cards are accepted everywhere like a credit card while giving you control of your spending.


● 1% cashback on *all* purchases

● Subsidized 1% foreign merchant fee

● Unlimited virtual and physical cards for your employees

● Web and mobile apps


● Set spending limits

● Upload receipts and notes to transactions

● Corporate Liability Waiver

● Travel Accident Insurance

● Rewards

Who needs a bank account when you can sign up a business account? Join thousands of other SMEs who have grown their businesses with Neat. Enjoy 24/7 support, top-tier security, and transparent pricing.

Save your time, stress and money, focus your energy on growing your business.

Sign up now with zero monthly fees


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