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Process Agent

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

A typical provision included in many cross-border agreements is the appointment of a process agent in the jurisdiction in which the parties to the transaction have agreed to choose the law. Appointing the right agent is critical to the timely, accurate, secure and compliant processing of your transactions.

Bestar provides process agent services, including acting as a process agent to accept services of legal process and notices on behalf of your organization.

An experienced, reliable and responsive process agent

International transactions vary from country to country, but a typical provision included in many agreements is the obligation to appoint an agent for service of process, often referred to as a "process agent".

Whether you are entering into a cross-border agreement involving a business entity, a commercial bank, a sovereign state, a lending institution, or a credit institution, all parties must agree on a choice of law clause specifying that any disputes under the agreement will be resolved in accordance with the law of a particular jurisdiction. The established business laws of New York, Hong Kong and London make them popular choices. A process agent is required to act as a representative when one or more parties agree to select a legal jurisdiction in which they do not have a physical presence (i.e. address). The process agent will serve court documents etc. on your behalf (with appropriate escalations) or simply receive documents and notices under contract.

Process agents can be –

(a) individuals whose ordinarily resident address is in Hong Kong;

(b) a company; or

(c) a law firm or certified public accountant firm.

If the process agent is a company or firm (i.e. items (b) and (c) above), the address of the registered office of the company or the principal place of business of the partnership should be in Hong Kong.

We provide process agent services in Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. We understand what it takes to create and execute process appointments in all types of scenarios, and we value the fact that our role is not just for the timing of the appointment, but for the entire term of the agreement. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness, recognizing the importance of being prepared to meet deadlines. And, we securely and efficiently provide immediate notification of any legal proceeding received in accordance with the terms of any agreement, thereby avoiding any adverse consequences.

Our process agent services:

  • Process agent for contracts, transactions, ISDA agreements and structured finance documents

  • Registered office services

  • Receive documents and notices as required by contract with third parties

  • Accept service of notices, proceedings or documents on behalf of overseas clients

The Value We can Bring to You

1. Professional team

  • Leverage the expertise of our dedicated team with extensive legal and operational knowledge and experience to provide flexible solutions for a wide range of corporate transactions

  • Tailor-made solutions to meet your specific needs

2. Reliable service

  • Ensuring legal notices are properly handled as process agents

3. Cross-border capabilities

  • Backed by our network of 4 offices with on-the-ground professionals with in-depth knowledge of cross-border transactions in key markets

Bestar – Top Provider of Secretarial and Compliance Services

Bestar is a leading company secretarial service provider with professional company secretarial team in Hong Kong. We provide professional corporate governance, company administration and secretarial services. Our professionals have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the latest laws and regulations governing businesses and other entities. We adhere to industry best practices and have the ability to effectively and efficiently take care of your organization in both day-to-day and extraordinary matters.

Get In Touch

Doing business in a foreign jurisdiction often requires a local process agent. Bestar can help. Contact us.

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