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Representative Office

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Representative Office
Representative Office

Every overseas company can apply for registration a representative office in Hong Kong.

When to Register

An application cannot be made before the representative office commences, but must be made no later than one month after the business commences.

Any non-Hong Kong company carrying on representative office business shall apply for business registration within within one month from its date of commencement of such representative office.

Applications for Registration of Business which have yet to commence operation will not be accepted.

Representative office with non-resident responsible person will be required to provide further information (see Sample Questions) with a view to ensuring that the particulars, including the date of commencement, stated in the relevant application are correct.

Sample Questions

The below sample questions are for reference only.

1. The organization chart of the subject business and its office in Hong Kong, including the location and scale of representative office, the number of employees in Hong Kong and their details (including names, Hong Kong Identity Card Numbers and capacity) with documentary evidence in support.

2. The area and the usage of the representative office address in Hong Kong and a copy of the tenancy agreement concerned.

3. How the subject representative office is carrying on in Hong Kong and the name of the local responsible person;

4. How to determine the commencement date of the subject representative office.

5. Details of the first representative office expenses (including the date, the amount and the nature).

6. Whether the subject representative office has entered into any contract or agreement with other party in Hong Kong including appointment of a local agent to handle its activities, and if yes, advise the details of the contract or agreement with a copy in support.

7. Details of bank account maintained by you or the subject representative office in Hong Kong, including for each account the name of bank, account number, account status (Savings or Current) and the date when the account is opened.

Business Name

When you register your representative office, you may register a representative office name. Please note that the representative office name should be the same as the name of the body corporate.

How to Register

To register a representative office, you have to complete Application Form (Form 1(b) - Application by a body corporate for registration), pay the business registration fee & levy, and submit a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation or its equivalent issued by the relevant government authority in the place of incorporation.

Photocopy of the forms must not be used for submission of application.

If the aforesaid document is not in Chinese or English, please also supply a certified copy of the English or Chinese translation thereof.

Business Registration Fee and Levy

There are two types of business registration certificate, namely 1-year certificate and 3-year certificate.

A business registration certificate is normally valid for 1 year, running from the date of commencement of business (or anniversary date) to the date immediately before the next anniversary. However, under section 6(5C) of the Business Registration Ordinance (Cap. 310), you may elect for the issue of business registration certificates that are valid for 3 years.

Basis of charge

1-year certificate

Levy $150

Total $150

3-year certificate

Fee $3,200

Levy $450

Total $3,650

Submitting Business Registration Application Forms

You may e-mail the completed application forms to, or send by post to Bestar.

Business Registration Certificate will be sent to you by post within 4 working days of receipt of application.

If you wish to know more about the application for representative office registration service, please contact us for details.

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