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Simplified Guide on Company Formation

Simplified Guide on Company Formation

Here's a simplified guide to get you started with company formation in Hong Kong:


  1. Get familiar: Briefly research relevant Hong Kong organizations and institutions that might be helpful for your business.

Company Structure:

  1. Choose a Name: Pick a unique and available company name that complies with Hong Kong regulations.

  2. Select a Business Structure: The most common option is a private company limited by shares. Consider other structures if needed.

  3. Appoint People:

  • Director(s): At least one director is required, local or foreign.

  • Company Secretary: Appoint a company secretary, which can be a person or a company.

  • Shareholders: Minimum of one shareholder, local or foreign, is needed.

  1. Registered Address: Secure a physical address in Hong Kong to act as your company's registered office.

Registration Process:

  1. Prepare Documents: Compile the necessary documents, including Articles of Association outlining your company's rules.

  2. Submit Application: Submit the completed documents to the Companies Registry.

  3. Pay Fees: Settle the government fees associated with incorporation.


  1. Obtain Licenses: Depending on your business activity, you might need additional permits or licenses.

  2. Maintain Compliance:  Keep up with tax filings and financial reporting requirements.

Additional Tips:

  • Consider using a professional service firm to assist with the process for a smoother experience.

  • There's no minimum share capital required, but having some demonstrates financial commitment.

Remember, this is a simplified guide. It's recommended to explore resources from the Hong Kong Companies Registry or consult with a professional for more in-depth guidance.

How Bestar Can Help with Company Formation in Hong Kong

By leveraging Bestar's expertise, you can save time, ensure a smooth incorporation process, and gain valuable guidance for your new business in Hong Kong. Here's a breakdown of the services they can provide:

Streamlining the Process:

  • Bestar can guide you through each step of company formation, ensuring you meet all the requirements and complete tasks efficiently.

Compliance with Regulations:

  • We can ensure your company adheres to Hong Kong's business registration regulations, avoiding delays or penalties.

Company Structure Selection:

  • Bestar can advise you on the most suitable company structure for your specific business goals, considering factors like liability and ownership.

Document Preparation:

  • We can assist with preparing all the required documents for registration, including the Articles of Association.

Liaison with the Registry:

  • Bestar can handle communication with the Companies Registry on your behalf, saving you time and ensuring smooth communication.

Bank Account Opening:

  • We can assist in opening a corporate bank account for your business in Hong Kong.

Post-incorporation Support:

  • Bestar can provide ongoing support after your company is formed, such as helping with tax filing and other compliance requirements.

By utilizing our services, you can focus on your business strategy while we handle the complexities of company formation in Hong Kong.

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