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Travel Agency License

Travel Agency License | Bestar
Travel Agency License | Bestar

Travel Agency License

A travel agency license is required by law in Hong Kong to operate a travel agency business. This license is issued by the Travel Industry Authority (TIA), which is the statutory body that regulates the travel industry in Hong Kong.

Here's a summary of the requirements to get a travel agency license in Hong Kong:

Before you apply

  • Complete the company registration process: This includes obtaining a Certificate of Incorporation from the Hong Kong Companies Registry and a Business Registration Certificate from the Business Registration Office.

  • Secure a suitable office premise for your business.

Applying for the License

  • Submit the necessary documents and application fee to the Travel Agent's Registry. The documents typically include:

  • A Travel Agent's License Application Form

  • A Statement of Particulars Form

  • A copy of the Board Resolution confirming the appointment of an authorized person to represent your company in applying for the travel agent's license

  • Certified true copies of Hong Kong ID cards or travel documents of all the key executives of the company

  • A bank guarantee letter for an amount of HK$500,000

  • Statements of accounts that cover the prior 3 months from the date of submission and signed financial position return

  • Pay the non-refundable application fee of HK$630.

After a Successful Application

  • Your application will be processed within 3-4 weeks.

  • Upon approval, you will need to collect the Travel Agent's License in person from the Travel Agents Registry.

  • A license fee, based on the validity period of the license, must be paid to the Registry. The license fee is HK$485 per month.

For more information on the travel agency license application process and the requirements, you can visit the Travel Industry Authority website [Travel Industry Authority Hong Kong travel agents].


How Bestar can Help

Bestar specializes in business licensing in Hong Kong. Bestar can apply for a travel agency license for you. We are be able to assist in the process given our area of expertise. Here's how Bestar's services could be relevant:

  • Company Registration:  If you haven't registered your travel agency as a company yet, Bestar can likely help with this process in Hong Kong since we specialize in company registration for Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong [Bestar company profile].

  • Business Guidance: Bestar offers business advisory services [Bestar company profile]. We are able to provide general guidance on navigating the travel agency license application process in Hong Kong.

  • Accounting and Financial Statements:  The application likely requires financial statements. Bestar offers accounting and bookkeeping services [Bestar company profile] which could be helpful in preparing these documents.

  • Travel Industry Authority Application: Bestar can represent you in applying for the license with the Travel Industry Authority (TIA). 

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