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Virtual Office in Hong Kong

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Virtual Office

What exactly is a virtual office? It is a registered business address with traditional office administration functions. Set up your business and run without any of the investment required by a traditional brick-and-mortar office. The expense and complexity of maintaining a real physical work environment has gone.

The virtual office can be used as a registered office address. It can be used for customer and colleague correspondence, company documents, business cards and online listings.

A virtual office address gives you a real place to receive letters and packages remotely. In the virtual office world, day-to-day operations such as answering calls and handling emails can be handled entirely by workspace providers like Bestar on behalf of the company. From sorting mail to answering phone calls to providing professional correspondence addresses, virtual offices have it all.

They have a receptionist and staff on hand to handle your mail for you. Instead of receiving mail in person, you have many remote mail options. This can include viewing your mail online, picking it up directly or sending it through a mail forwarding service.



A virtual office gives you the benefit of having a premium address while saving on the cost of your office space.

Instant business addresses are a simple and cost effective solution for business owners who want to professionalize their business or expand their operations in other locations.

This service means you can work from anywhere in the world at any time, anywhere while keeping on top of your physical mail.

In addition to obvious benefits for employees, such as being able to access potentially remote job roles, virtual offices can also help businesses reduce costs and increase opportunities.

The benefits of a virtual office are not limited to administrative tasks. For companies, virtual workspaces can be a relatively risk-free way to explore new markets in new territories on a very cost-effective basis.

A virtual office is a great option for businesses looking to expand into new regions of the world, as it allows companies to quickly and easily establish a solid base in a new country. Business addresses can be purchased to expand your reach and attract more customers for a fraction of the cost of setting up an independent office.


For those looking to expand their horizons, having virtual offices for various international business registrations can help take your business global. By having registered addresses in different territories, companies can easily comply with the legislation of that particular country. For example, an American business could hire a virtual office abroad, and use that virtual office for GST registration in that territory.

Virtual office package HK$2,100

What’s included

Give your company an instant presence in Hong Kong – one of the world’s most popular business destinations. Set up a virtual office with a prime business address and increase your reputation with Chinese and international clients alike.

Bestar provides virtual offices to a variety of businesses all over the world. Our business addresses can also be set up instantly, with a team on hand to secure and handle your mail should you wish them to. Essentially, we offer you the services of a traditional office whilst you run your business from elsewhere.

At Bestar, we offer professional virtual office services in Hong Kong. Choose a new business address in a prime location as part of our virtual office packages. We can also supply you with mail sorting and forwarding, a local dedicated phone number and call handling services, so you can focus on what's important and let us handle the rest.

The main services that are offered as part of our virtual office package are:

  • An instant professional business address

  • Mail forwarding

  • Professional business call answering services

Minimum term to a virtual office package

Our virtual offices are available from a minimum of one year on a yearly agreement.

Business Address

We give you a professional business address in a premier location for your company.

You can use your new virtual office address on all of your documents and marketing collateral, including your website, business cards and letterheads.

Mail handling and forwarding

Our professional on-site teams will handle your mail and forward your correspondence to you.

When the post arrives, we will hold it at reception. You can collect your mail in person from your virtual office address.

Or any letters can be opened and scanned, and the contents emailed to you if required. You can choose to receive your mail daily, weekly, or monthly.

For a small additional fee we can forward your mail on a daily, weekly, monthly or ad-hoc basis to your personal mailing address .

Dedicated telephone number

Rather than handing out a personal mobile number, you can choose a dedicated local business telephone number and set up pay-as-you-use or unlimited calls, depending on your work style:

You can take advantage of a dedicated number, and add further credibility to your local presence.

You can choose how you direct your call: you can put it through to your mobile or divert it to voicemail if you’re busy.

Reception services and call handling

You can choose our call answering services. With our phone answering service, our trained professional receptionists will be on hand to answer your calls. They’ll take messages on your behalf and arrange callbacks, so you can travel or attend meetings without the worry of missing clients.

With our telephone answering service, we can take the pressure out of call answering and do it for you.

Registering your company at our virtual office

Registering a company under a virtual office address is allowed. A virtual office can be used as a registered office address. You can obtain a virtual office registered business address at our prime location.

To display a Company Registered Office, you need to register your office address with the relevant tax and business authorities. In Hong Kong, you will need to ensure your registered address is on the public record at Companies Registry. This typically happens during company formation.

Virtual addresses are still fixed locations, and your address is publicly available to be searched alongside other limited companies. Authorities like Companies Registry and Inland Revenue Department can use this as your official business address to send you correspondence.

Once your virtual office is registered, you can use the address on documents, emails, business cards, pretty much anything business-related.

By talking through your businesses’ needs with us, we can make sure that your virtual package is giving you all the support you need, so you can focus on taking your team and work to the next level.

Talk with our team to see how we can help. You can use a virtual office for company registration by contacting us through email. Contact us now.

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