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What are the differences between deregistration, striking off and winding up?

What are the differences between deregistration, striking off and winding up?

In Hong Kong, deregistration, striking off and winding up are all methods of dissolving a company, but they differ in process and purpose:


  • Voluntary process: Initiated by the company directors or members.

  • Suitable for: Solvent companies with no outstanding liabilities and no ongoing business activities.

  • Simpler and cheaper compared to winding up.

  • Requires: Meeting certain conditions, filing an application, and clearance from tax authorities.

Striking Off:

  • Involuntary process: Initiated by the Registrar of Companies.

  • Can occur if: Company fails to file annual returns or appears inactive.

  • Faster than deregistration but may have negative consequences.

  • Company is dissolved upon striking off.

Winding Up:

  • Most complex and expensive option.

  • Involves appointing a liquidator to sell assets, settle debts, and distribute remaining funds to shareholders.

  • Suitable for: Companies with complex financial situations, insolvency, or ongoing legal disputes.

Here's a table summarizing the key differences:



Striking Off

Winding Up

Initiated by




Suitable for

Solvent companies

Inactive companies

Insolvent companies, disputes

Process complexity








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How Bestar can Help

General role Bestar can play in navigating the process of deregistration, striking off, or winding up a company in Hong Kong:

Understanding your situation:

  • Bestar can help assess your company's financial standing and determine the most suitable course of action for dissolving your business.

Meeting legal requirements:

  • We can guide you through the complex legal procedures involved in each option, ensuring you comply with all regulations set by the Hong Kong Companies Registry.

Preparing necessary documentation:

  • The firm can assist in preparing and filing the required forms and applications with the relevant authorities.

Tax implications:

  • We can advise on the tax implications of each option and help you ensure all tax liabilities are settled before deregistration or striking off.


  • Bestar can represent you throughout the process, liaising with the Companies Registry and other relevant parties on your behalf.

General advice:

It's important to remember that each situation is unique, and consulting with Bestar ensures a smooth and compliant business closure.

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