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Branch Office Hong Kong Registration

Updated: Jun 8

Branch Office Hong Kong Registration

Registering a branch office is a common way for foreign companies to set up a business presence in Hong Kong. Here's a quick rundown of the process:

Why Register a Branch Office?

  • Establish a legal entity in Hong Kong

  • Conduct business operations (unlike a representative office)

Steps Involved

  1. Company Name Approval:  Check for availability of your desired branch name with the Companies Registry.

  2. Branch Registration: Submit required documents and application for registration as a "Non-Hong Kong Company" to the Companies Registry.

  3. Business Registration Certificate: Apply for a BRC from the Inland Revenue Department within a month of starting operations.

Documents Required

  • Branch office details (address, representative)

  • Parent company details (certificate of registration, memorandum & articles, latest accounts)

  • Local branch representative ID

Additional Tips

  • The branch office inherits the parent company's compliance obligations (taxes, reporting).

How Bestar can Help

Here's how Bestar can help with your Hong Kong branch office registration:

  • Expertise in Hong Kong Regulations:  We have a team familiar with Hong Kong company law and the specific requirements for branch office registration. This can ensure your application is complete and avoids delays.

  • Streamlined Process:  Bestar can handle the entire application process on your behalf, saving you time and effort. This includes document preparation, submission, and communication with the Companies Registry.

  • Compliance Guidance:  Wee can advise you on the ongoing compliance obligations for your branch office, such as tax filing and annual returns.

  • Local Presence:  As a Hong Kong-based firm, Bestar has better access to local resources and information compared to you if you're located overseas.

  • Cost-Effectiveness:  While there are costs associated with using our services, it can be more efficient than handling the process yourself, especially if you factor in potential delays or errors.

By leveraging a corporate services firm like Bestar, you can streamline the registration process for your Hong Kong branch office and ensure compliance with local regulations.

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